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6750 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO, 80525


Front Range Ranch & Rescue

Vision Statement:

Transforming Individuals Through Solution Focused Equine Therapy

Our Mission:

Rescue horses

Adopt horses

Rehabilitate horses

Train horses to be companions

Utilize EAGALA an internationally accredited and tested therapeutic process

Use of a team of certified professionals an Equine Specialists and Equine Mental Health therapists

What We Do:

Front Range Ranch & Rescue adopts abandoned and or abused horses and animals. We care for and rehabilitate these animals and train them to assist in successful integration and readjustment of disabled Veterans using animal and equine assisted therapy.

How Can You Help:

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization that is funded entirely on the generosity of private donations and grants.  We are always seeking financial contributions as well as donated equipment, all of which are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support!


Military trauma, readjustment & reintegration


Horsetooth Honey Wildflower Floral Bouqet 1 X Filtered


Wild Flower Floral Bouquet

Horsetooth Honey Wildflower Floral Bouqet 1 X Filtered


Horsetooth Honey Wildflower Floral Bouqet 1 X Filtered

15.00 20.00

4 OZ. HorseTooth Honey  (Wildflower Floral Bouquet) 

  • Raw 
  • Pure Unpasteurized
  • Vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients
  • Floral nectar from local Coloradoan pasture wildflowers and fruit trees

Natural organic honey from Fort Collins, Colorado.  All proceeds will benefit Front Range Ranch & Rescue.  

* Product may contain royal jelly, bee venom and or unfiltered particulates.

This product may be allergenic and could cause significant harm to individuals with allergies. 

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