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6750 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO, 80525


Front Range Ranch & Rescue

Vision Statement:

Transforming Individuals Through Solution Focused Equine Therapy

Our Mission:

Rescue horses

Adopt horses

Rehabilitate horses

Train horses to be companions

Utilize EAGALA an internationally accredited and tested therapeutic process

Use of a team of certified professionals an Equine Specialists and Equine Mental Health therapists

What We Do:

Front Range Ranch & Rescue adopts abandoned and or abused horses and animals. We care for and rehabilitate these animals and train them to assist in successful integration and readjustment of disabled Veterans using animal and equine assisted therapy.

How Can You Help:

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization that is funded entirely on the generosity of private donations and grants.  We are always seeking financial contributions as well as donated equipment, all of which are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support!


Military trauma, readjustment & reintegration




Master Sergeant Watts has served Front Range and Rescue for a year serving as the Sergeant at Arms. He is an enforcer and ensures that the organization is focused and dedicated to its vision.  MSG Watts is a 16 year combat Veteran.  He is a highly decorated soldier currently serving actively and is very proud and dedicated to assisting Veterans in need of counseling and therapy. He is very knowledgeable of horsemanship, ground work and training horses.  He is a welcomed asset that leads by example.  He places the needs of others before his own and has a deep appreciation for all Veterans.


Steven Baldwin



Steven D. Baldwin MS., MSW., MRAS, MAC, MCA, CAC, CATC IV, MATC, FAC, CCDS, CWTS, CSC is a Colorado State University PhD. Social Work student Veteran.  His clinical experience includes employment with the Department of Veteran Affairs as a mental health therapist assisting Veterans with (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or (MST) military sexual trauma.  He earned a Social Work Master’s degree from Humboldt State University and a Masters of Counseling from Western Oregon University.   Steven has served over 20 years in the Army as a combat Veteran of the Iraq war; deployed in 2003-05 with the 1st Cavalry Division 2/7 as a highly decorated Infantry Reconnaissance Paratrooper.  He is currently enlisted in the Colorado Army National Guard as an Infantry Company First Sergeant E-8.  He has significant experience counseling indigenous American Indian individuals, families and children in Northern California for United Indian Health Services specializing in behavioral health integration and medical social work.  He has also worked as a Registered Addiction Specialist counseling residential treatment.  Steven is the Director of Front Range Ranch & Rescue a nonprofit specializing in Veteran Equestrian Therapy using abandoned or abused horses in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He has publicly presented several topics on contemporary Veteran Issues. He is employed by Colorado State University as a social work instructor developing and teaching several social work courses to include the development of a military social work certificate program.  He worked as a mental health therapist for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Northern California San Francisco VA system.  Steven’s research interests include Veteran advocacy, criminal justice recidivism, trauma-informed care, substance abuse/dependence treatment, mental health, co-occurring disorders, ancestral diets, sustainable food systems, food insecurity, domestic violence counseling and indigenous decolonization.