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Front Range Ranch & Rescue

Vision Statement:

Transforming Individuals Through Solution Focused Equine Therapy

Our Mission:

Rescue horses

Adopt horses

Rehabilitate horses

Train horses to be companions

Utilize EAGALA an internationally accredited and tested therapeutic process

Use of a team of certified professionals an Equine Specialists and Equine Mental Health therapists

What We Do:

Front Range Ranch & Rescue adopts abandoned and or abused horses and animals. We care for and rehabilitate these animals and train them to assist in successful integration and readjustment of disabled Veterans using animal and equine assisted therapy.

How Can You Help:

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization that is funded entirely on the generosity of private donations and grants.  We are always seeking financial contributions as well as donated equipment, all of which are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support!


Military trauma, readjustment & reintegration



Master Sergeant Watts has served Front Range and Rescue for a year serving as the Sergeant at Arms. He is an enforcer and ensures that the organization is focused and dedicated to its vision.  MSG Watts is a 16 year combat Veteran.  He is a highly decorated soldier currently serving actively and is very proud and dedicated to assisting Veterans in need of counseling and therapy. He is very knowledgeable of horsemanship, ground work and training horses.  He is a welcomed asset that leads by example.  He places the needs of others before his own and has a deep appreciation for all Veterans.


Steven Baldwin

EAGALA Military Services

The distinction of EAGALA Military Services provider establishes a willingness to provide culturally relevant services to those who have served in the military. The EAGALA Code of Ethics indicates you do not practice out of your area of training and expertise. As a professional, it is important to understand and honor the unique military culture and what that means for psychological health interventions, and be committed to holding the highest standards in training and practice. Our military men and women deserve nothing less. The EAGALA Military Services designation provides a structure and standards for ensuring scope of practice in working with the military.

EAGALA Military Services Video

Treating the effects of trauma is never easy. And in military culture, the challenge is even greater. The special demands placed on our service members and their families can lead to sometimes-tragic consequences: PTSD, depression, divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, and suicide.

These unique challenges and traumas deserve our most effective healing. That’s where the EAGALA Model comes in.

With a military culture that values hands-on action and doing, EAGALA Model equine-assisted psychotherapy often works where other traditional methods of treatment fail. Decidedly action-oriented, the EAGALA Model helps military clients understand and recognize patterns, build on their personal strengths, and translate emotional insights into life-changing action.

The experiential nature of working with horses through the EAGALA Model engages military personnel in their own healing process, with solutions that meet them squarely on their own terms. Horses have a special ability to help people work through emotional barriers, serving as metaphors and powerful stand-ins for the people, issues, and challenges in the client’s life. The EAGALA Model leads to powerful emotional breakthroughs and life-changing insights for the client, strengthening resilience and coping skills. Through the efforts of facilitators certified with EAGALA Military Services designation, service members, veterans, and their families can more quickly and completely understand and integrate new perspectives and behaviors into their lives.

This is especially true and valuable for people who suffer the effects of trauma. With the EAGALA Model therapy, clients challenge themselves in activities with horses that remove much of the perceived stigma associated with traditional talk therapy treatment methods.

EAGALA is the world’s largest and most professionally respected association for equine-assisted psychotherapy, tested and subject to ongoing study and development. EAGALA’s high standards, combined with its effective, replicable Military Services model, sets it apart from all other “horse therapy” programs.

EAGALA Military Services Providers are uniquely qualified to help service members and their families, and is the global standard for serving active military, reserves, and veterans. EAGALA is the only equine-assisted psychotherapy association to offer a special Military Services Designation, going above and beyond to serve.

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Steven Baldwin


Steven D. Baldwin MS., MSW., MRAS, MAC, MCA, CAC, CATC IV, MATC, FAC, CCDS, CWTS, CSC is a Colorado State University PhD. Social Work student Veteran.  His clinical experience includes employment with the Department of Veteran Affairs as a mental health therapist assisting Veterans with (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or (MST) military sexual trauma.  He earned a Social Work Master’s degree from Humboldt State University and a Masters of Counseling from Western Oregon University.   Steven has served over 20 years in the Army as a combat Veteran of the Iraq war; deployed in 2003-05 with the 1st Cavalry Division 2/7 as a highly decorated Infantry Reconnaissance Paratrooper.  He is currently enlisted in the Colorado Army National Guard as an Infantry Company First Sergeant E-8.  He has significant experience counseling indigenous American Indian individuals, families and children in Northern California for United Indian Health Services specializing in behavioral health integration and medical social work.  He has also worked as a Registered Addiction Specialist counseling residential treatment.  Steven is the Director of Front Range Ranch & Rescue a nonprofit specializing in Veteran Equestrian Therapy using abandoned or abused horses in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He has publicly presented several topics on contemporary Veteran Issues. He is employed by Colorado State University as a social work instructor developing and teaching several social work courses to include the development of a military social work certificate program.  He worked as a mental health therapist for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Northern California San Francisco VA system.  Steven’s research interests include Veteran advocacy, criminal justice recidivism, trauma-informed care, substance abuse/dependence treatment, mental health, co-occurring disorders, ancestral diets, sustainable food systems, food insecurity, domestic violence counseling and indigenous decolonization.

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Steven Baldwin


Amy has been with Front Range Ranch & rescue for over a year. She has volunteered and been instrumental in the development of Front Range Ranch & Rescue and other community based agencies throughout northern Colorado such as Crossroads.  Amy is a wonderful person who has accomplished a great deal given her experiences in life.  She has demonstrated a resilience that is exceptional and inspiring.  Her extraordinary ability to raise children as a single mother and dedicate hours volunteering within her community exemplifies her values, ethics, character and personal attributes.  She is a leader with exceptional intellect and extraordinary professionalism.  She has tremendous academic thirst and appreciates the challenging rigors of academia perusing a bachelorette degree in social work and eventually a masters of social work at Colorado State University.  Amy is part one EAGALA certified as an Equine Specialist and is studying social work.  She is a volunteer for several agencies in Northern Colorado

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Steven Baldwin

Nick is a 12 year combat Veteran serving as a Staff Sergeant he is a decorated combat Infantryman he is passionate about assisting Veterans and helping others.  He enjoys traveling around the world and exploring National Parks throughout the United States. Nick enjoys working with numbers and is a competitive individual who solves difficult problems with ease.

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Steven Baldwin

Master Sergeant Watts has served Front Range and Rescue for a year serving as the Sergeant at Arms. He is an enforcer and ensures that the organization is focused and dedicated to its vision.  MSG Watts is a 16 year combat Veteran.  He is a highly decorated soldier currently serving actively and is very proud and dedicated to assisting Veterans in need of counseling and therapy. He is very knowledgeable of horsemanship, ground work and training horses.  He is a welcomed asset that leads by example.  He places the needs of others before his own and has a deep appreciation for all Veterans.

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Steven Baldwin

EAGALA military Services.jpg

Front Range Ranch & Rescue has been recognized as a Military Services Provider by the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association.  Specialized in training and experience in the military community to provide EAGALA Model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and learning with military service members Veterans and families.


Steven Baldwin

Front Range Ranch & Rescue wouold like to welcome Virginia S. to our team. She is a certified EAGALA Equine Specialist and Registrared Nurse.

First National Bank Community First Award

Steven Baldwin

I want to thank each and everyone who voted for Front Range Ranch and Rescue.  Results will be posted publically on Face Book on August 2nd.  Again thank you for all of your votes and your continued support. 


EAGALA Certification

Steven Baldwin

We are now EAGALA Certified!  We believe in this model and are looking forward to incorporating every aspect of it into our therapy sessions for Veterans and their families.

Source: "The EAGALA Model.", EAGALA 7/7/16.

The EAGALA Model is a distinctive experiential framework designed to allow clients the latitude to discover, learn, and grow from the horse-human relationship.

Known as equine-assisted psychotherapy, or equine-assisted learning depending on the session objectives, the EAGALA Model is the global standard for professionals. Here's why:

The EAGALA Model is highly professional.

EAGALA is the leading association offering a fully-developed, professionally endorsed treatment model for mental health professionals practicing equine-assisted psychotherapy. The EAGALA Model stands alone in the world of equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development because of the model's standards, code of ethics, continuing education requirements, replicable framework, and team approach. Under the EAGALA Model, both a registered, credentialed Mental Health Professional and a certified Equine Specialist work together collaboratively at all times to assure clients get the therapeutic attention and support they need as they make life changes.

The most effective work happens on the ground.

The EAGALA Model involves no riding or horsemanship, making it both safe and effective. Clients work directly with horses face-to-face on the same footing. This ground level work enables clients to better perceive the horses' actions and reactions as they work to process and solve their life challenges. Under the trained eye of the EAGALA Treatment Team, horses offer clients honest feedback and usable information that helps them understand how their process and actions affect others and impacts their lives.

The EAGALA Model is client-centered and solution-oriented.

The work is built on the premise that it's the clients who best determine the kinds of life changes they need to make in order to improve their lives. The job of the EAGALA treatment team is to put the EAGALA Model to work to meet the clients' goals by engaging the unique intuitive power of horses to help them understand their process and practice the changes they want to make in a safe, supportive setting.